Minxie Roadmap

Some Stories Were Meant to Be Told

August 2021
OnlyFans announces its ban of sexually explicit content to the outrage of its User and Content Creator base.

The ban is reversed in less than a week.

But the trust will never be the same.

Future members of the Minxie Team realize that their Creator friends have had enough.

Enough of these centralized operations that change wind at the behest of banks, payment processors and their wallets.

Something needs to be done.

Minxie Team Assembles.
September 2021
October 2021
A wild idea of "Minxie" appears.

Our mission, branding, and underlying concepts of privacy, transparency, community engagement and De-Fi-fueled artistic expression are born over a plethora of brainstorm sessions.

All 9 to 5 work suffers immensely.

So be it.

“This project is presenting opportunities for everyone.  

It’s important that our message and mission are clear: we are building an inclusive and positive community of artists, creators, and innovators on the blockchain. We’re really going for it.  

Why not bring it all together in one place?”

Nico, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

The seeds have been planted.

Minxie Website, White Paper, Documentation and Pre-Sale Details are complete.

Deals with our Chief Financial Officer, Project Manager, Content Creation and Social Media Manager, as well as CPA & Legal are executed.

“We need to be aware of the continuous character of improvement with these things.

Nobody's perfect, but we are going to trust the pros to do their job and help us create a rock-solid structure for our Angels and Users.

Because it's our Angels and Users who are going to be the lifeblood of this enterprise.”

Jack, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

November 2021
December 2021

"Every little thing counts. Our task here is to think about the long-term viability of the project, not the short-term runs.

That's why we want to be diligent, to leave no stone unturned and execute deals that will bring value not just to Minxie, but to our Minxie Community.

From marketing, visual composition, DeFi and NFT Design support for our Angels to rewards, giveaways, earning opportunities and UI gamification for our Users.”

Ari, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer

This is what we call a Season of Giving. Rejoice in the rewards!

Q1 2022
Q2 2022

Remember, "Don't Trust, Verify?"
This is where you verify the trust placed in us.

This is where things get interesting.
Buckle up!

Q3 2022
Q4 2022

This is where you reap the rewards of your hard labor and watch your crypto, NFT and art portfolios skyrocket. Well deserved!

"We want all of our interests to aligned - the Team, the Angels, the Users, as well as our Strategic Partners.

All of the tokens being sold or divested are locked in a Timelock contract via Unicrypt, making sure that it's in everyone's best interest to see the project grow, prosper and evolve with its Minxie Community.

Let's grow together."

Jack, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

What's Next?

We have the Team, the Partners, the Angels and the Users to revolutionize this industry and bring DeFi, Art, Crypto and Adult world together.

Want to join for a ride?

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