October 13, 2022
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Best Utility NFTs in 2022

Top NFTs with Utility which may be used for a variety of purposes such as accessing digital content or making payments

What is Utility in NFT

Utility is defined as the practical use or usefulness of something. In the context of non-fungible tokens, utility refers to the various ways in which an NFT can be used. While some NFTs are purely collectible and have no inherent utility, others maybe used for a variety of purposes such as accessing digital content, making payments, or even receiving rewards.

The NFT with the best utility can vary depending on the project it is associated with. For example, the CryptoKitties project offers a digital collectible game in which players can breed and trade virtual cats. In this case, the utility of the CryptoKitties NFTs lies in their ability to be used in the game. Similarly, the Decentraland project offers a virtual world in which players can purchase land and build on it. The Decentraland NFTs have utility as they can be used to own and trade land in the game.

Top NFTs with Utility

Below are some of the best utility NFT projects to keep an eye on. These NFTs have the potential to be used in a variety of ways and could become some of the most useful and widely used NFTs in the coming years.



Autograph.io is an NFT with utility platform created by Tom Brady. It features NFTs autographed by your favorite pro athletes. Users can also purchase NFTs for live events, giving you unique access to experiences. This combination of iconic brands, legendary names, and shared experiences makes Autograph.io one of the best NFT utility projects on the market.

Not only can users purchase NFTs on the Autograph.io platform, but the platform offers access to secondary marketplaces where users can trade their NFTs. This makes it easy to find buyers for your NFTs and get the best price for them. You'll also be able to view NFTs previously purchased by others through primary drops for your chance to get your hands on them after the fact.

While this particular NFT is still in the beginning stages, it's backed by names like Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, and Simone Biles. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Site: https://autograph.io/

Twitter: @Autograph

Instagram: @autograph.io

Discord: Autograph Server

Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums

The primary goal of Awesome Possums is to raise awareness of mental health awareness and addiction recovery. They're not longer roadkill. They're empowering their community. This platform prides itself on games, merch, giveaways, charitable donations, scholarships for students, and so much more.

Instead of playing dead on the side of the road, these founders are active and committed to the long-term success of the platform through integrity, kindness, generosity, gratitude, and inclusion.

These 12,000 NFTs offer something different. Rather than money, they offer music festival tickets, all expenses paid vacations, and the perpetuation of knowledge. Their ultimate goal is to offer free counseling, therapy, and motivational services. This is one of the most healthy utilities on the market and supporters get a fantastic mental value.

Site: https://awesomepossums.io/

Discord: Awesome Possums

Instagram: @awesomepussums.io

Twitter: @1_AwesomePossum

OpenSea: Awesome Possums



This NFT collection with utility has 10,000 avatars and awards users access to The Garden. The Azuki founders believe the lines between the physical and digital worlds are blending. Your avatar is your key to this new world where every rule is being rewritten.

The platform features top utility NFT drops, live events, and streetwear collabs. In The Garden, you'll find art, culture, and community.

Site: https://www.azuki.com/

Twitter: @AzukiOfficial

Instagram: @azuki

Discord: Azuki Server

OpenSea: Azuki



CryptoPunks is one of the first and most popular NFT projects. To date, they're one of the most collectible NFTs on the market. It features 10,000 unique punk characters that can be bought, sold, or traded on the Ethereum blockchain. Many celebrities even have their own CryptoPunks created in their likeness.

Each CryptoPunk is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. This makes them very valuable and highly sought after by collectors. Not only are CryptoPunks collectible, but they also have utility. They can be used as avatars in games and applications or traded on secondary markets.

The project was created by Larva Labs and each design is generated algorithmically. While most look like punky humans, there are a few more rare images like apes, aliens, and more. Currently, there's a CryptoPunks secondary market for users to purchase their own.

The creators at LarvaLabs, Matt and John, have several other successful and innovative projects, aside from CryptoPunks.

Site: https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks

Twitter: @LarvaLabs

Discord: CryptoPunks

Cyber Frogs

The Cyber Frogs NFT project is currently in its 2.0 release, after the community fund was drained. However, this slow rebuild was successful in shifting the NFT to a trustworthy project driven by community. The project continues to improve with every new release.

The Frog Machine platform allows users to modify metadata and create custom PFPs. By earning $FLYZ, users can evolve their Cyber Frogs, which is a model similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Cyber Frogs market contains a raffle system, auction house, and utility NFT marketplace where users can participate, and even purchase real world assets using their $FLYZ.

Despite its sad beginnings, this genuine collection lends a unique focus to the community.

Twitter: @CyberFrogsNFT

Discord: CyberFrogs



This undervalued NFT has more utility than people think. They claim to be the first ever virtual world owned by its users. The platform allows users to explore, create, and trade with other users.

Exploring the incredible structures and scenes in other users' LANDs opens up a fantastic adventure. There are medieval dungeon mazes, space adventures, and entire villages crafted using only the imaginations of the community.

You can also test your imagination by creating your own art, scenes, and challenges using a Builder tool that makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. You can even attend events and win prizes. More experienced developers can use the provided SDK tools to fill their LAND with apps and games.

Ultimately, the utility is trading. You can buy and sell your LAND, avatar wearables, or estate in the Decentraland Marketplace. These digital goods are backed by the Ethereum blockchain.

Site: https://decentraland.org/

Discord: Decentraland

Reddit: r/decentraland

Twitter: @Decentraland

Degen Toonz

Degen Toonz

The major appeal here is the rugged Looney Tunes-like appearance of these NFTs. This emerging project is being talked about all over the space. There are 8888 NFTs and each is unique. The images are made rare by exaggerated features like clothes, facial expressions, and expressive eyes.

If you own a Degen, you get exclusive rights to merch, ETH rewards, VIP entrance to Discord serves, airdrops, and a lot more. It's even more beneficial to own one for access to the Degen metaverse and DAO voting.

While all 8888 are sold out, you can still snag one of these NFTs on the OpenSea secondary market.

Site: https://degentoonz.io/

Twitter: @DegenToonz

Discord: Degen Toonz



DeGods claims the #1 community spot on Solana and it quickly gained momentum with investors. The DeGods team wants to launch the DUST token and provide utility in several marketplaces. By staking your DeGods NFTs, you can earn $DUST. Using $DUST, you can trade Solana-based NFTs in this ecosystem.

The goal is to integrate the project into different metaverses and P2E games. Currently, DeGods are available with a floor price of 315 SOL at OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Solanart.


Site: https://www.degods.com/

Twitter: @DeGodsNFT

Discord: DeDAO



Doodles is backed by Burnt Toast, and there are 10,000 NFTs with a series of unique, hand-drawn traits. Everything about them is painstakingly designs, from the background to costumes. After the launch of Space Doodles, the project's popularity skyrocketed. This series features 200 different characters, each with their own spaceship.

Owning a Doodles gives you voting rights to the future of the project and you'll also be able to contribute to how the Doodlebank treasury is spent. You'll find Doodles LooksRare, Nifty Gateway, and OpenSea, while Space Doodles are only available on OpenSea.

Site: https://doodles.app/

Twitter: @doodles

Discord: doodles Server

Flyfish Club

Flyfish Club

Flyfish Club is the world's first NFT restaurant. It's a member's only private club where purchasing an NFT gives you access to the restaurant, social experiences, and culinary extras. With an FFC membership, you get unlimited private dining room access in their New York City location. In addition to the upscale restaurant, there's a cocktail lounge, outdoor space, and omakase room.

There are two different NFT tokens, each with its own set of access privileges and NFT designs. The Flyfish NFT's original cost was 2.5 ETH while the Flyfish Omakase was 4.25 ETH. While both are sold out, you can still find them on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.


Site: https://www.flyfishclub.com/

Twitter: @Flyfishclub

Instagram: @flyfishclub

Discord: Flyfish Club

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends

There are 5,000 of these animated cuties. Invisible Friends are invisible walking characters created by Markus Magnusson, a talented animator. They're some of the most visually appealing NFTs on the market and there's already a huge social media following. You can get them on OpenSea and the floor price is 4.4 ETH.

In May, IF partnered with Kith to create Invisible Kith Friends, all sporting Kith gear. Priority access goes to those who are already holders. The IF Athletic Club is also on the roadmap for 2022, and in Q3, IF holders will get an exclusive opportunity to mint their very own IF with new and old traits.

IF is also launching toys, giving holders the opportunity to own an IF in the physical world. Finally, in Q4, Garbage Friends is coming, but they're keeping that surprise under wraps for now. Although they do say there will be some perks for non-holders.

Site: https://invisiblefriends.io/

Twitter: @InvsbleFriends

Instagram: @invisiblefriends_io

Keys to Metaverse

Keys to Metaverse

Keys to Metaverse is an investment that features an original concept with keys to utility features like API layers, cross-chain bridges,and access to exclusive music. The founders hope that this project will be an important part of blockchain games, apps, and metaverses. They're available on NFTrade and OpenSea.

Site: https://keystometaverse.com/

Twitter: @keys2metaverse

Instagram: @keys2metaverse

Facebook: Keys2Metaverse

Telegram: Keys2TheMetaverse

YouTube: Tracks to the Metaverse

Kibatsu Mecha

Kibatsu Mecha

Kibatsu Mecha is a series of fully animated NFTs. If you already own one,you can connect with them for access to a full-size GIF or a high res MP4 video of your holdings. This collection contains 2222 unique, hand-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The brand is deeply integrated into the Megacity Kibatsu world.

Each character has a different combination of seven traits, pieced together manually, and animated with intent. They reside on a scale from somewhat rare to mega rare, and there's a great amount of lore behind the idea. Megacity Kibatsu is where these vehicles live and they brawl in the Ataki Arena. This is one of the most dangerous fight circuits in the surrounding territories. These NFTs fight for riches, revenge, glory, survival, honor, and power.

Site: https://kibatsumecha.com/

Twitter: @Kibatsu_Mecha

OpenSea: Kibatsu Mecha

Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions

A combination of 160 different traits are used to generate these NFTs through AI.There are 10,000 unique pieces, each with 10,000 pixels. These are some of the highest resolution NFT prints on the market. They have a huge Discord following, and purchasing a Lazy Lion NFT gives you access to this community.

Owning a Lazy Lion also gives you access to ROARwards, a voice in the project, airdrops, and a whole lot more. Lazy Lions has already partnered with brands like Puma, Coinbase, Polygon, Uniqly.io, and Chainlink.

Site: https://www.lazylionsnft.com/

Twitter: @LazyLionsNFT

Instagram: @lazylionsnft

Discord: Lazy Lions Server



Moonbirds are some pretty swanky PFPs, but they're so much more than that. With exceptional utility and soaring popularity, these NFTs are bound to be some of the best-performing in your portfolio.

Moonbirds offer a great investment opportunity for holders to stake their NFT for upgrades and extra benefits. The longer you nest it, the more it increases, giving you even more exclusive access to upgrades, rewards, and drops.

There's a huge barrier to entry here, at 25 ETH, but the membership perks make it worth it in the long run. You can lock and nest your Moonbird without it ever leaving your wallet. You'll also get private access to the private PROOF Discord with gated Parliament channels.

Site: https://www.moonbirds.xyz/

Twitter: @Moonbirds

Discord: PROOF



These gamified NFTs are presented in the Pokemon style. It's a huge success and the project is currently developing what they hope will be the largest and highest quality collection of NFT games on the market. Holders with a first generation collectible gives benefits like airdrops of Pixelmon Land. You can use this to shop, create rooms, and develop buildings.

All Pixelmon NFTS can be bought, sold, and battled. Once the game is released, you can even catch them like Pokemon. The game's release is scheduled for early 2023. While it's not a surprise how popular this Pokemon-like game is, it is a pleasant surprise to see it so well-run. The team is open and honest about development and the future.The hope is that the final product is as good as it sounds, and it seems promising.

Even non-holders can play in the Pixelmon world,but there are certain benefits for holders, like free allocations of land in Tribe regions like Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

Site: https://www.pixelmon.ai/

Twitter: @Pixelmon

Discord: Pixelmon

Medium: ThePixelmonGame

Project Nanopass


With a floor price of 1 ETH, this NFT collection offers early access with the purchase of one of their 5,555 plots of land in the Nanoverse. They feature detailed artwork and grant holders one Black Box every week with prizes.

The prizes are decided by the community, so they could contain anything. They're also funded by the community vault. Seventy-five percent of the royalties Project Nanopass obtains on the secondary market go into the vault.

This is another project created by PROOF, so it's backed by a great track record of success. While it's still in the early stages, there's a lot of promise here and the full release will come with a lot of demand.

Site: https://www.nanopass.io/

Twitter: @nanoverseHQ

Discord: NanoverseHQ

Souls of Nature

Souls of Nature

This project features animal-based NFTs called nature souls. There are just over 9,000 of them acting as avatars in the holder's exclusive experience. Holders go on a journey to unlock their soul and Souls of Nature is the first project ever to use an Unreal Engine. The developers created the Unreal Engine to provide an experience that is higher quality than any other.

The true utility behind the project is helping the environment by donating a percentage of sales to endangered ecosystem charities across the globe. Souls of Nature will also release $ZOOIE cryptocurrency and establish a dedicated marketplace. This enables the project to provide investors with a long term value.

Site: https://soulsofnature.io/

Twitter: @soulsofnature_

Discord: Souls of Nature



This move to earn fitness app is one of the best NFT projects with real-world utility as it allows users to earn crypto for being more active. There's a huge selection of sneaker-based NFTs that affect performance and earnings. Users can equip a sneaker NFT and go for a walk or run to earn $GST. This crypto can be used to upgrade your sneaker or it can be converted to fiat.

You can also purchase $GMT to invest in the project without playing the game. It's one of the most popular projects on the market right now as the fitness craze grows.

Site: https://stepn.com/

Discord: StepN II

Twitter: @Stepnofficial

Reddit: r/stepn

Medium: StepN Official



Women's participation in the NFT space is minimal, but the Women Rise project intends to do something about that. They represent the power of women across borders with 10,000 randomly generated beauties from different regions and cultures.

Every trait is hand-drawn by a globally acclaimed artist. They sold 100% of their NFTs during Roadmap 1.0, but you can still buy them on the secondary market with platforms like OpenSea and Rarible.

Site: https://womenrise.art/

Twitter: @WomenriseNFT

Discord: Women Rise Server

Instagram: @womenrisenft


NFTs have a lot of utility and there are many different projects working on interesting applications. These are just a few examples, but there are many more out there. The important thing is to do your own research before investing in any project you find interesting.


What kind of NFTs sell best?

There isn't really a definitive answer to this question. It depends on what people are interested in at the moment and what projects have the most hype. Generally, the projects with the most utility tend to do well in the long run.

The most popular types of NFTs include art, music, video games,trading cards, collectibles, sports memorabilia, memes, domain names, and virtual fashion.

What makes an NFT worth a lot?

The value or utility of an NFT can come from a variety of factors.These include the rarity of the NFT, the popularity of the project it's from, and the utility it offers. Sometimes an NFT will be worth a lot just because it's popular at the moment and people are speculating on its future value.

Is it hard to sell NFTs?

It can be difficult to sell NFTs if you don't know where to look. The most popular place to sell NFTs is on OpenSea, but there are many other platforms that offer similar services. The important thing is to do your research before listing your NFT so you can get the best price possible.

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