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Content & NFT Platform Packed with Cutting-Edge Features

Minxie enables Creators to focus on building and monetizing their community while leveraging Web3, Smart Contracts and other blockchain integrations to give financial control back to the Creators.

Minxie is built on the blockchain, and all transactions are recorded on a public ledger for full transparency, allowing our Minxie Creators the certainty of not ever having to deal with a payment issue.

Minxie will be releasing multiple NFT Collections, providing holders with exclusive access to events, merchandise, NFT drops, Beta Platform, and, of course, the $GOOD Tokens.

Minxie has undergone multiple audits that have reviewed our platform and smart contracts integrity to ensure the safety and comfort of our users and Creators.

Minxie will offer various income streams for both Creators and their Supporters including NFT royalties, licensing proceeds, short-term rentals, streaming and messaging income, merchandise sales and donations.

Minxie Team is comprised of Creators able to deliver highest quality of digital content, like art and NFTs, and Tech experts in the fields of blockchain, cybersecurity and development to ensure the safety of our Creators.

Minxie utilizes the advanced Polygon network to facilitate rapid payments of our $GOOD token without chargebacks, network delays, or lost profits, allowing Creators the freedom of not relying on a fickle payment processor.

Complete User Experience

Subscribe to your favorite Minxie Creators, message them, check out their Story Posts, join for live streams (don’t forget to tip!), and invest into their success by obtaining exclusive access to courses, livestreams, messaging, content, merchandise, airdrops and more!

Take Control of Your Revenue

Process transactions using the $GOOD Token to avoid banking fees or payment issues, as well as ensure transactional privacy and security.

Powered by the Blockchain

All sales, donations, subscriptions, NFT transactions, royalties, and rewards are tracked on the blockchain to ensure full financial transparency.

Keep Your Personal Info

Сreate your user profile by connecting your crypto wallet, and never share any valuable personal information with us, beyond the industry-standard KYC requirements.

Strength in Numbers

Minxie is a platform that encourages a blend of free and paid content and aligns long-term financial interests of Creators and their fans via NFT resale proceeds and royalties, incentivizing Creators to bring their communities to our platform.

Improved Discoverability

By providing Creators with more ways to directly monetize while also giving them better discoverability features, we create a self-sustaining ecosystem for Creators to spend valuable time creating content instead of marketing across multiple platforms.

Platform Governance

By utilizing decentralized payment processors that do not discriminate against Creators, we offer a platform that does not threaten their ability to monetize their work, while allowing Creators to determine own rules of engagement via utility NFTs and platform governance.

Join The Movement

Minxie Angels

Minxie Angels are vital members of our ecosystem
‍and provide us with input and suggestions to ensure our platform
is listening to its content creators.

“The start of something amazing

When I first heard about Minxie I knew the team alone
was capable of producing something next level but what really made me join was their attention to what
us content creators have to say. I truly believe this is
the start of something that will change the entire industry.

Becka Hiratren
Adult Content Creator,
Minxie Angel

“The best platform for me

I joined Minxie as an ambassador because I
believe in the team and vision. The Adult Entertainment
market has always been seen as black sheep in the world of business for too long. Minxie will bridge that
gap by removing the problem, banks & payment processors.

Lola Bunny
Adult Film Star